Ketubah Texts

Listen to your inclination, and ask your Rabbi for his advice. Some Rabbis are strict about the text by which they will perform your ceremony, others will be open to your wishes.

In the list below you will find 24 texts:

  • Aramaic Orthodox texts (Ashkenazi)
  • Conservative texts (with the Lieberman clause)
  • Reform Egalitarian texts
  • Interfaith texts
  • Same-gender texts
  • Sephardic texts

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The traditional texts, Aramaic Orthodox (Ashkenazi), Conservative and Sephardic, are all in Hebrew and Aramaic, and they adhere to tradition. There are special versions of traditional texts which are used in specific communities, such as the Orthodox text used in Britain or in France and the Sephardic text of the Persian community or of the Syrian community.

The modern texts, Reform Egalitarian, Same gender and Interfaith, were written with affiliation to tradition and with openness to the expression of love and commitment. These include a Hebrew part and an English part. The English vows are also suggested in combination with the traditional texts, following the main Hebrew text. If you wish to use just one language please let the artist know.

The modern texts offered in this website were composed by Enya Keshet, and they are free for every person to use, no rights reserved.

Some Rabbis require small adaptations in the traditional texts to suit their preferences; such changes will be made according the Rabbi’s instructions during proof-reading, with no extra charge.

Small changes requested by customers in the modern texts will also be made with no extra charge; for example, adding extra signature lines, changing “Rabbi” to “Cantor” or “officiant”, replacing a few words, cutting or adding a sentence.

Customer’s own text: Any text that does not appear in the website’s list, whether written by the customer or brought from another source will be considered a customer’s own text, and there will be a fee of $80 for using it. English texts will be translated for you by the artist, and Hebrew texts edited (according to need; language only, no change of contents) for you with pleasure at no extra charge.

Personalization is the filling of the blanks in your ketubah text with your detail, such as names, date and place. For this purpose the artist will email you her personalization form when she receives your order. Please let your Rabbi help you fill the form the way he wants to see your names etc appear. Please return the form by email to the artist so she can prepare your text for review. Hebrew names can be submitted in English lettering and will be transliterated; Secular date is enough for us to find the Hebrew date of your wedding.

Ketubah texts

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Aramaic Orthodox texts (Ashkenazi)

Conservative texts (with the Lieberman clause)

Reform Egalitarian texts

Same-gender texts

Sephardic texts

Interfaith texts